Cooper S Traveller

In 1966 John Cooper Garages gave the Cooper S treatment to a number of Morris Mini Travellers!  These cars were all fitted with a 1275cc engine and gearbox, disc brakes and modified suspension.

We believe that all 6 cars were originally Old English White, however a full respray in any colour the customer desired was one of the options offered on these cars, so they could have ended up being practically any colour!

Other options offered included rectangular headlights, magnesium alloy wheels, reclining sports seats, leather steering wheel and panoramic rear view mirror.  A full list can be found in this spec sheet produced by Cooper Garages at the time.


The car pictured on the spec sheet was Cooper Garages' demo car for this model, and as such was fitted with many of the optional extras - it is possibly the only one that got the rectangular headlights.  The demo car was reputedly driven by many celebrities of the age such as Enzo Ferrari and Steve McQueen.  This car is still in existence today and you may spot it at the odd mini show now and then.

Rumour has it that of the 6 Cooper S Travellers made, 2 were bought by Steve McQueen and 1 by Clint Eastwood.

We believe that one car did not survive much beyond the 1960's and of the remaining 5, the whereabouts of 3 Cooper S Travellers are known.  We'd be interested to know where the other 2 ended up if anyone knows!

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