Radford Traveller
We believe Radford coachbuilders converted around 10 to 15 Travellers.  We currently know about the existence of 3, one of which was reputedly built for The Tremeloes.

Typically these cars were finished to a much higher standard with for example leather seats, electric windows with opening quarterlights, rosewood dash and door cappings, etc.  Some had special wheels, and two-tone paintwork was also an option.
582130_281929128564378_1300342296_n.jpg DSC01850.JPG photo.jpg sc03047.jpg sc03049.jpg sc03048.jpg MC12_r404_01.jpg dsc02749.jpg rad_int.jpg dsc02747.jpg MC12_r404_15.jpg

The September 2012 edition of MiniWorld featured an extensive article on an all steel Radford Traveller, which had recently sold at auction for 28,000 euro!!
MiniWorld also featured Steve's Radford Traveller in their July 2014 edition.
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Thanks to Steve for his assistance with this information.