Geoff Bell

1961 internal tank Morris Traveller restoration

It is basically a "Barn Find" albeit in a yard under a tarpaulin.
I was getting my 1960 Austin Mini Seven MOT'd and bumped into the owner of the company who supplies many of the cars for the Heartbeat TV series (Heartbeat is a long running British TV police drama series set in 1960s Yorkshire) and many films.
He was complimenting me on my A7 restoration and mentioned he had this Morris Traveller in his yard.
He originally obtained it on 04/11/07 for the registration number and thought it too good to scrap. I went and had a good look, made him an offer and now have it at my home in my garage.
It had no front subframe, wheels or engine and box. The front seats were loose inside and were of Elf/Hornet origin. It only had one former owner who was nearby in Crawley so I contacted him and Hey Presto he still had the subframe and the engine/box in his shed. so the only main bits missing are front seats.
However the rest of the interior is surf blue which is not correct for the year, that will have to change.

601xvu-03.jpg 601xvu-01.jpg 601xvu-02.jpg 601xvu-04.jpg 601xvu-05.jpg 601xvu-06.jpg 601xvu-07.jpg 601xvu-08.jpg 601xvu-09.jpg 601xvu-10.jpg 601xvu-11.jpg 601xvu-12.jpg 601xvu-13.jpg 601xvu-14.jpg 601xvu-16.jpg 601xvu-17.jpg 601xvu-18.jpg 601xvu-19.jpg 601xvu-20.jpg Traveller 059.jpg Traveller 060.jpg Traveller 065.jpg Traveller 068.jpg Traveller 072.jpg Traveller 080.jpg Traveller 081.jpg Traveller 083.jpg Traveller 085.jpg Traveller 086.jpg Traveller 089.jpg Traveller 090.jpg Traveller 128.jpg Traveller 150.jpg Traveller 156.jpg Traveller 172.jpg Traveller 185.jpg Traveller 209.jpg Traveller 232.jpg Traveller 234.jpg Traveller 236.jpg Traveller 238.jpg Traveller 267.jpg Traveller 268.jpg Traveller 269.jpg Traveller 270.jpg Traveller 284.jpg Traveller 286.jpg traveller 295-.jpg Traveller 306.jpg Traveller 314.jpg Traveller 316.jpg traveller 350.jpg traveller 371.jpg

Geoff completed his restoration in December 2011 and we think he has done an outstanding job!  Well done, and thank you for sharing your project with us.  Ever a glutton for punishment, Geoff is now talking about restoring a Mini police van!!!