Innocenti Model T
Italian manufacturer Innocenti started building Mini's in 1965, and launched their take on the Traveller at the Turin motor show in November 1966.  Known as the Innocenti Mini T, this model was originally available only as a woody, but an all steel version was later introduced in October 1968.  The woody version was available until July 1970 and the all steel version until October 1970.  In August 1971 a revised Mk3 Mini T became available, lasting until May 1973.  The Mk3 had internal door hinges and a thin brightwork strip down the side.  In total 8439 Innocenti Mini T estates were produced.

Like all Innocenti Mini's, the Mini T was finished to a higher standard than its UK counterparts.  There are also some key differences compared to the UK travellers.
The Innocenti Mini T used the same lights as the other Innocenti Mini's, and also had side repeaters fitted as standard.  A one piece bumper graced the full width of the rear of the car, whilst the number plate was fixed to the left hand rear door.
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