Portugese IMA

The Portuguese company IMA (Industria de Montagem de Automoveis) assembled Austin, Morris, Mini and LandRover cars.

From 1975 Portuguese legislation was brought in to allow so-called hybrid vehicles to be sold at a lower price than other cars.  By "hybrid" we are not talking about fuel, but more about multi-purpose vehicles.  In any case, this legislation almost certainly led to the creation of the Mini IMA, which was made between 1976 and 1980.

The Mini IMA was based on the Mini Van, so retained the external door hinges, but technicians at British Leyland of Portugal designed a single rear door, hinged at the top, which is unique to this version of the Mini estate.  The Mini IMA also featured more comfortable, clubman-style seats and we believe it was a 5 seater!

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