Peter Henry
1963 all steel Morris Traveller restoration
Peter recently acquired this 1963 all steel Traveller, which needs a lot of love and attention.  Having restored several other Minis in the past, Peter intends to do all the work himself and has promised us regular updates as the restoration progresses.
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September 2012
Having replaced the front wings, Peter says "now the idea is to replace the A-posts and door steps to give me good metal to weld a new floor to".
20120821_134827.jpg 20120823_130216.jpg 20120825_163604.jpg
A quick update on AWV - a shot of the floor out, you can just see where the spot welds are drilled out.  Another showing the toe board cleaned up and weld through primer applied, note the elongated slot for the steering rack - that bodge will be repaired later.  A shot of the new floor in, the companion bins still need repairing and the side panels aren't welded to the sill because they need repair also.  I'm going to finish welding the front end up next then start to repair the boot floor.  Will keep you posted.
traveller floor 031s.jpg traveller floor 032s.jpg traveller floor 038s.jpg traveller floor 043s.jpg

A bit more progress on AWV.  The front end is all welded up now.  I had previously repaired the scuttle but I wasn't happy with it so I've now replaced the full scuttle, also repaired the inner wings and modified the skirt on the front panel. More in a couple of weeks hopefully.
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October 2012
Another update on AWV.  The boot floor and wheel arches are nearly all done.  No panels are available for the boot floor so I've had to try and fabricate it, it's not perfect but I'm pleased with the result.  I've still got to replace the rear cross member & the inner and outer valance, then i have to decide what I'm doing with the side panels.  Progress may slow down a little bit now because work is picking up but will keep you informed.
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November 2012
Peter has just sent us the latest photos of work on his car.  Looks like the back end is getting treatment now.
20121104_100654.jpg 20121104_100839.jpg 20121111_130802.jpg

December 2012
Peter says : I've still got a little bit of welding to do at the back but can't do it while the car is on the jig so dicided to get some paint on the bare metal. I'm pleased with progress as its now looking like a good solid shell instead of a rusty pile of scrap.
20121222_113706.jpg 20121223_101359.jpg 20121223_105806.jpg 20121230_122504.jpg

February 2013
Peter has finally finished the welding on the shell, which was the upper dash rail and the bit across the back doors that supports the boot floor.  He has painted the floor, engine bay and interior but says her is going to leave the exterior to someone who can do a better job than he can.  We think his painting looks great!
Peter tells us that the front and rear subframes have gone off to the powder coaters, so the plan is to get them built up in the next few weeks and get the car back onto its wheels, then start on the bonnet and the doors, whcih need either reskinning or repairing.
20130210_130822.jpg 20130210_130856.jpg 20130210_130914.jpg

March 2013
Peter tells us work is progressing well, the front and rear sub frames are in and the running gear overhauled. 
He says "It's not the way I would normally do things but I've decided to get a professional spray job done on the outside so I needed to get the wheels on so I can trailer it to the paint shop.  You will notice the 7" disc set up at the front.  I want to keep the same narrow track as drum brakes but have better braking, so I thought I would give them a try.  It's not for the purist but its a modification that can easily be reversed."  
Peter says that his next job is to re-skin all the doors and paint the seat frames.

20130302_202349.jpg 20130310_140134.jpg 20130310_142240.jpg

April 2013
It seems a while since I gave you an update on AWV.  The bonnet has been taken back to bare metal and a small repair done to the inside strengthening rib.  All the doors are now reskinned and test fitted with door seals in place.  I dropped a bit of a clanger with the rear doors - after skinning them and painting them on the inside i found when i fitted them the curve of each door was different so I attempted to bend one door and kinked it, so ended up reskinning it again.  Test fitted rear bumpers and also couldn't resist testing fitting some D1s.  The car is now booked into Whights Restorations in Northampton on 8th June for painting, so i have a few weekends left for final bodywork prep, then I'll start on the engine while it's getting painted.

20130419_164713s.jpg 20130419_164856s.jpg 20130419_164911s.jpg 20130426_160653s.jpg 20130428_144826s.jpg

August 2013
Peter's Traveller is back from the paint shop.  Fiesta Yellow with a white roof is going to look great!
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November 2013

Pete tells us he hasn't been slacking with the restoration of AWV, he has just had computer problems for a little while, hence it has been a while since his last update.

He says, "As you know the rolling shell went off to Whights for paint and they made a stunning job so I turned my attention to building the engine which is a 998 Cooper unit. As soon as I received the rolling shell back I dropped the engine in, fitted the rear doors and a new wiring loom. I then made templates of the carpet and sent them to Coverdale to make, which they did in less than a week. Meanwhile I fitted the Newton seat covers, lights, petrol tank, passenger door and internal trim. I've had one or two set backs but that brings us about up to date. Clutch and brakes are bled and the engine starts so still hoping to finish for Christmas."

nov4j.jpg nov5j.jpg nov6j.jpg photo 32.JPG photo 41.JPG photo 42.JPG

Great job Peter.  We're looking forward to seeing her in the flesh!