Vic Young
1964 Morris Traveller restoration

We are always amazed at the projects MTACR members are willing to take on.  Vic recently acquired this 1964 Mk1 Morris Traveller and as you can see it needs a full restoration.  Vic tells us he has purchased a full floor tub and loads of other panels including a full new wood kit from mini machine and will be carrying out the full restoration himself, except for the colour coat where he will get a local body shop to colour it for him.

March 2013
Vic says "I have stripped the interior and braced the tub and reinforced the A posts so that the shell keeps it's shape.  The full floor is now cut out and the front and rear metal is very good so a full M-Machine round tunnel tub will be refitted over the next few weeks using spot welding as close to original as possible."

woody 22.12.12 019.jpg woody 22.12.12 033.jpg woody 22.12.12 044.jpg woody 22.12.12 061.jpg woody 22.12.12 068.jpg woody 23.03.13 013.jpg woody 23.03.13 017.jpg woody 23.03.13 021.jpg

April 2013
Vic has just sent us the latest batch of photos showing progress on his Traveller.  Looks like he has been busy cutting out the rot and welding in repair panels and new metal.

Mini Woody 28.04.13 003.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 005.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 010.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 019.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 022.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 025.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 027.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 031.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 036.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 037.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 038.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 040.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 041.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 044.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 045.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 046.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 048.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 050.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 052.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 054.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 061.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 063.JPG Mini Woody 28.04.13 064.JPG

July 2013

Vic has sent us some recent photos of progress on his woody.  He tells us, "I have been bust cutting out and making good any rot and welding in new metal and panels.  Mini Machine in Darlington have been very helpful and their repair panels are second to none."

Vic says he will be needing some help with interior parts if anyone has any decent surf blue trim for sale.
Woody 11.07.13 005.JPG Woody 11.07.13 007.JPG Woody 11.07.13 004.JPG Woody 11.07.13 008.JPG Woody 11.07.13 014.JPG m-machine 004.JPG woody 26.07.13 002.JPG woody 26.07.13 015.JPG woody 26.07.13 019.JPG woody 26.07.13 020.JPG woody 26.07.13 022.JPG woody 26.07.13 025.JPG woody 26.07.13 026.JPG

September 2013
Vic tells us the restoration is going great.  He says it seems to fly along when the big ready made panels go on.

Woody 19.08.13 009s.jpg Woody 19.08.13 011s.jpg Woody 19.08.13 012s.jpg Woody 19.08.13 013s.jpg Woody 19.08.13 017s.jpg Woody 30.08.13 001s.jpg Woody 30.08.13 002s.jpg Woody 30.08.13 005s.jpg Woody 30.08.13 007s.jpg Woody 30.08.13 013s.jpg

November 2013
Woody 10.11.13 001.JPG Woody 10.11.13 007.JPG Woody 10.11.13 016.JPG Woody 10.11.13 019.JPG

February 2014
Vic has updated us on the progress on his 1963 surf blue woody.  He says "I have been paint stripping, welding, sanding, priming and sealing for weeks and weeks and I finally have some light at the end of the tunnel.  I have all suspension parts stripped and cleaned ready for powder coating and I am going to try a new chrome powder coat on the front grille to see how the end result looks like against the mustache when it is fitted.  I plan to colour code stone chip on the whole underside and then fit the front and rear sub frames with all the suspension and brakes so that the shell can roll out the car to the body shop."

We think you'll agree that Vic's car is really coming on now.

Woody 14.02.14 006.JPG Woody 14.02.14 008.JPG Woody 14.02.14 010.JPG Woody 14.02.14 013.JPG Woody 14.02.14 014.JPG Woody 14.02.14 015.JPG


April 2014

Vic has sent us a few more photos of the progress of his Woody.  The subframes and suspension parts are still at the powder coaters so he has been stone chipping and colour coding the underside so when they do return he can turn the shell into a rolling shell so that he can get it to the bodyshop for a top coat.

Vic says "I hope to have it rolling soon."

P4130001s.jpg P4130003s.jpg P4130007s.jpg P4130008s.jpg P4130012s.jpg P4130020s.jpg P4130022s.jpg

May 2014

Vic tells us "I have just got my powder coating back and the front grille looks really good so I have attached some photos for you to see."

P5070001s.jpg P5070008s.jpg

September 2014

Vic tells us that the shell is now a rolling body and ready to go out to get painted but the body shop has a bit of a backlog so he has been getting ready for the refit once it is done.

He says that the wood has had 8 coats of Epifanes varnish and has been trial fitted and the results and fit were great and that the engine is away for a rebore and a regrind on the crank.

p8250001s.jpg p9170008s.jpg p9170010s.jpg p9180016s.jpg p9270015s.jpg


December 2014

Some more photos from Vic showing progress on his Woody

thompson mackay 1s.jpg 7ebfd1d1dd5d90c11700813bbbf55ad7.jpg pb210003s.jpg woody parts painted s.jpg


May 2015

Vic tells us he has been cracking on with his woody and now has the engine in and running.  He says "The engine went in like a dream and the rebuild has gone with no problems, with everything fitting back on with not too much fettling."

Vic has also fitted the external trim and new carpets.  He is just waiting for his powder blue trim and seat overhaul set to arrive from Newton Commercial.

pp4180003sm.jpg p4180017sm.jpg p4180005sm.jpg pp4180016sm.jpg pp4240002sm.jpg pp4240001sm.jpg

July 2015

Vic has completed his restoration and sent us the final photos of his car.  We think he has done a fantastic job and we're looking forward to seeing this Traveller.

p6140006s.jpg p6140019s.jpg p6140008s.jpg p6140009s.jpg p6140014s.jpg p6140015s.jpg