John Pook
1966 Austin Countryman restoration
John has just started to restore this Austin Countryman, which has been sat for 22 years!  So far he has been busy stripping it down and cutting out the rot ready for the shell to be sent away for shot blasting.

sdc15773sm.jpg sdc15774sm.jpg sdc15778sm.jpg sdc15793sm.jpg sdc15795sm.jpg sdc15803sm.jpg sdc15947sm.jpg sdc15960sm.jpg

June 2015
Johns tells us that after shot blasting a few more panels were required over and above what he had anticipated.  There has been a significant amount of repair required to the rear door step and the bottom of the rear quarters, however the shell has faired surprisingly well, the roof, rear quarters, inner wings, boot floor and tow board are all sound.  Floor is currently in and tacked. Both rear doors have been fitted into the aperture.  John has also had to replace the window trim panels and channels. John says, "I have sourced Unipart brake systems and have a sent a large box of components to be shot blasted and powder coated. I am now just about to start work on the inner/outer A-Panels".

SDC15976sm.jpg SDC15987sm.jpg SDC15989sm.jpg SDC16022sm.jpg SDC16029sm.jpg SDC16030sm.jpg SDC16032sm.jpg SDC16037sm.jpg

August 2015
John tells us that both doors have now been fitted and are operational.  He says "Achieving the perfect gap was a struggle!! But am now satisfied with the end result. The next step is to fit the front panel and wings which no doubt will present further challenges in terms of lining things up."
Unfortunately John's progress has been hampered by an incident at the workshop involving a drunk driver crashing into the front doors, however he is hoping to get started again soon.

sdc16071sm.jpg sdc16072sm.jpg sdc16073sm.jpg sdc16076sm.jpg sdc16080sm.jpg

December 2015
John says "I Have spent a significant amount of time attempting to get the perfect panel gaps prior to welding.  The wood kit has arrived and has been fitted accordingly, trimming and sanding as required for perfect fit.  The Engine bay is currently being primed in preparation for the colour in due course.  All exterior components have been trial fitted prior to painting."  John has also been busy with the underside of the car.  Firstly a new floor has been fitted, sealed and stone chipped.  Then the underside has been painted and the rear subframe and components have all been connected prior to putting the vehicle back on its wheels.
John is now taking a well earned break whilst the engine is still at the machine shop and hopes to start work on his Countryman again in the New Year.

sdc16129sm.jpg sdc16091sm.jpg sdc16131sm.jpg sdc16167sm.jpg



John let us know that the car was completed 9 months ago and sent us the below photos showing the final stages of the restoration.

Following his last update, the engine was re-bored, the head skimmed and unleaded valve seats and new exhaust valves were fitted.  The Gearbox was overhauled with a complete new set of gaskets.  All engine components were refurbished or replaced with correct period parts and finally the Engine was detailed in the correct colour.

The shell was prepared and primed ready for the two pack top coat, which John thinks looks stunning.  The wood frame kit was already built and sanded to fit, this then received 4 coats of high gloss varnish before fitting.

Once the shell came back from the paint shop, the vehicle was assembled.  The interior and wiring loom were all added to a high standard.  Having dry fitted the components beforehand, the door gaps etc. have all ended up being correct.

We agree with John that the finished vehicle looks stunning.  Well done!

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